Victory Taekwondo Academy‘s Martial Arts Testimonials

Victory Taekwondo Academy is great! We have been going for over a year and the experience has helped my son with self-confidence and self-discipline. The instructors really work with the kids/adults based on their specific needs and abilities. The dedication and commitment of Master Long and staff are commendable.

It is an optimistic, supportive environment and we love being part of the Victory Taekwondo team. There is a great sense of loyalty and we feel like part of the family at our taekwondo school. I highly recommend Victory Taekwondo Academy to anyone interested in learning martial arts or self-defence.

-Sherry S.

As parents we are often concerned for our children growing up and becoming well mannered, respectful and confident individuals.  We have looked into many activities for our son and nothing compares to the Martial art (Taekwondo) experience at the Victory Taekwondo Academy.

The tenets of Taekwondo explain it all for the children and parents involved.  The five tenets are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable spirit.  We as parents could not imagine our son receiving a more rounded curriculum than what Master Long has to offer at the Victory Taekwondo Academy. It has given our son a great sense of accomplishment, confidence and self-esteem as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy.  We would highly recommend the Victory to anyone seeking to enroll their children or themselves towards the martial arts experience.”

Thank you Master Long,
The Hermiz Family

When I enrolled my daughter in Taekwondo Do, I never envisioned that she would enjoy it so much. In the three months since she’s begun, she has developed a rapport with her instructors and classmates that is amazing.

The attention given to individual students is remarkable and they are all allowed to develop at their own pace. However, they are also pushed to exceed their own mental limitations. I have seen big improvements, not only physically (flexibility, coordination, strength) but also mentally (focus, concentration).

Thank you Victory TKD!

When my son turned five, my wife and I looked at some options for activities for him, like soccer or music lessons, and we decided that martial arts would be best fit for our son.

We discovered that Victory Taekwondo Academy was having a grand opening nearby; I took my son to the first class. That day he was almost crying and did not want to go since he believed he did not want to learn how to fight. Surprisingly, after that day he went home with a happy face and never wanted to miss another day of Taekwondo class. We like the way Master Long balances between good character building and quality Taekwondo skills for the kids. Other things we like about the school are the updated equipment, flexible schedule, appropriate class sizes and the professional staff.

Even though my kid is too young to completely understand the tenets of Taekwondo, he understood and memorized the school’s student creed, and practices it well. We are really happy to see him grow up strong; not only physically, but also mentally every day. Lately, he has become a really confident individual and a good student, and is being friendly and courteous towards his Kindergarten classmates.

I would like to thank Victory Taekwondo Academy, and especially Master Long, Miss Ajuria, and their well trained staff for their patience and time that they’re devoting to my son and the other students in the class. I strongly believe this is the best Taekwondo school in San Diego, and I would like to recommend it anyone who would like to take Taekwondo.

Tony – San Diego, CA 
Parent of Tyler.

PS: After watching the kids practice and monitoring their progress, I’m really excited. I’ve decided it’s time for me to join the adult class.

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